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Skrevet av zelda7 den 14 september 2008 klokken 04:13

Første avsnitt i en historie jeg sitter å fikler med. Få høre hva dere syns, om jeg skal fortsette eller bynne på nytt?

Walking swiftly along the filthy and mudded road was a shady creature. A creature engulfed only in darkness, fearing the light. This creature was not human, nor was it a beast. It was something filled with malice and despair. However terrifying this "thing" may look, it was once human. It had been martyred and experimented on like a mere lab rat. Why, do you say? It is because this creature was originally weak and of no proper use to us nobles. You see, unlike the indecisive past you live in, our scientist's aren't bothered by petty morality. It was a powerful and muscular being, unlike no man. It had no ears. The ears were torn apart from his head, as we had to fiddle with its brain. I who was new that day vomited all over the floor, as I heard his screams piercing trough the silence as they were gouging off his ears. Day's went by, and we finally realized what we had created, but we were too ignorant. Even though we realized what it could do, we did not understand it. One day he shredded off the chains that held him down like it was paper. The high manpower and even our advanced technology was no match for it. We forgot to name the "thing" but after a while as it came to be known with the civilians, it was instantly named "Gluttony" because of its trademark to engulf every inch of meat, attached to the victim's bones.