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WWI: Arrival

Skrevet av Havok den 27 juni 2008 klokken 12:48

I arrived at Charles De Gaule at around 10:00. The whole place looks pretty awesome, it's like a nostalgic 60's type airport. The escalators where like roller coasters, they went up and down but straight. The best ones where these tubes that went all over the place, and they looked like something out of a James Bond movie. Strange. When I went to pick up my bag, I found out it was late. Which always happens mind you. Anyway, I exited the arrival area and looked for my contact with a Blizzard sign, kinda hard finding one in a sea of people look for people. I specially liked the one that just said "Norway", which at first I thought ‹‹Could this be me?›› But standing next to her was a young woman with a sign, which stood out in the crowd, it - of course - had the Blizzard logo on it. I introduced myself and we departed the airport and proceeded to the shuttle I was going to take to the hotel.

We where talking about this and that; Nintendo DS games, which sights in Paris I should look up. And she gave me a tip about renting a bike instead of taking a taxi or the subway. The conversation steered into the invitational where I learned she was managing the survey Blizzard is having, where people tell them what they think about their customer service. And being the inquisitive person that I am. I asked here if she knew what the secret game was. She told me everyone in Blizzard knew, and that Blizzard had a "Show & Tell" yesterday for all the employes. I was standing right next to someone who was mocking me about the game. I wanted to know, but of course she wouldn't tell. I had to find out something, and the thing I now know is that "It looks awesome!".

So, there you have it. The "secret" game looks awesome. My finger is still on Diablo III, although Lost Vikings would be awesome as well. I'll know at around eight tomorrow morning. Right now I'm gonna go see Paris and take a bunch of pictures. :P