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Grundtvig2203: Hello everyone, we will be ready in a moment :)
roddan1: Hello everyone!
liquoricegeek: Hello! :)
over: eew lol :(
L3gof: Hi GR! :D
Grundtvig2203: we will play LOL untill 17:00 and then Battlefield: hardline
L3gof: Played LoL for 2-3 years finally quit xD
roddan1: Loking forward to see Hardline
over: same here roddan1
L3gof: Too much time consuming
over: i hate all mobas
roddan1: same here over :)
L3gof: I was pretty hardcore with Kha Zix jungle but since they changed so much in season 5 it´s just confusing to jungle..
Solfinn: Hello everyone! :D
roddan1: hello sofin
L3gof: Is hardline worth getting you think?
over: if you like battlefield games
over: then yes
over: its like a battlefield / payday mix
L3gof: yes played 2,3,4 and tried beta but it didnt impress too much
L3gof: But was quite fun
roddan1: I wonder that to L3got. If the online servers works fine its gonna be fun i think
over: i also played the beta, and i agree that its not as good as 4 and 3 but it was fun
L3gof: Is there going to be more dlc?
over: Can someone please explain to me why people like mobas ?
over: i really dont get it :S
L3gof: its an obsession
L3gof: if you have ever played ranked you cant stop
L3gof: if you lose a match you have to play another to prove your worth
roddan1: Tank god that lol is less famous in the eSport then what it was for just a tear so
over: i have played 1 - 2 hours, and it was the most boring shit i ever played.
over: id rather play candy crush
L3gof: I payed like 1500h dunno why
L3gof: like a drug
L3gof: but thats nothing in comparsion to some of my friends
L3gof: one guy have played like 4000 games
L3gof: 4000 x 30 min or something
roddan1: How many year have LOL been out?
L3gof: since late 2008 i think?
roddan1: oki
L3gof: or 2008 something
L3gof: alpha
roddan1: But Dota 2 is bigger right ?
Kenneth Gant: Is this a mod for Age of Empires ?
L3gof: no LoL is waaaay bigger
over: LOL
L3gof: sadly
roddan1: are u sure, in china maby its bigger,free to play u know :)
over: death to mobas
L3gof: yes china
L3gof: Rito plz
roddan1: Hardline have got mixed score in reviews, if i remamber correct?
L3gof: 75 meta score not too bad
roddan1: yee thsts not to bad
L3gof: So is the story alot better than other Bf games?
L3gof: now when Visceral is doing it
L3gof: i hope
roddan1: Unfortunately I only have money for a game this month. Would like to have Hardline but it leans towards BloodBorne next week. :)
L3gof: just bought a Xone need some more games
L3gof: Get a statikk shiv for Caitlyn
L3gof: worth
L3gof: Just nice to get some more waveclear
L3gof: and extra crit chance and speed
roddan1: Hardline now :)
roddan1: plzz
L3gof: yes
roddan1: Is the servers stabil on Ps4?
L3gof: is it max 32 player?
over: lucky for dori this isnt friendly fire
over: or else he would have shot his teammate in the head
roddan1: Does the cute women works on GR also :P
roddan1: FF is one of the worst idee ever
roddan1: hate ff in cs
over: only noobs cant play wif ff
over: ther SHOULD be FF in every game
roddan1: not that i shoot my team mates
roddan1: but noob shoot everything thats moves
Mike Johansen: Have you played LoL yet ? :D
over: then dont be a noob and dont shoot them :P
Mike Johansen: Noooooooooo
over: @Dori , is there a hardcore mode in hardline ?
roddan1: iam not shooting them over , they shooting me
Mike Johansen: Are we gonna see any sniping gameplay in Hardline ?
over: sniper <3
over: im sniper master in bf4
Mike Johansen: Yeah, i'm also a recon in BF4 so i wanted to see how sniping is in this
roddan1: over- play Bf4 on ps4 or poc ?
roddan1: pc
L3gof: it feels alot faster
L3gof: to sinpe in this
over: Played* on pc
over: dont play any more
roddan1: ok
over: Show us some hardcore dori
Magnus Groth-Andersen: Yeah, show us some Hardcore-modes Dóri.
roddan1: Take a helicopter and fly to the sky and make a crazy dive
over: shotgun is the worst gun in every game
Mike Johansen: What is that blue fire ?
Centclip: how bad has Dori played?
over: BAD!
Centclip: figures
over: ^^
DanishPotatoo: when will the winners of last weeks gta merchendice be annonced?
over: it has already
over: i won it all :D
over: mohahaha ;:P
DanishPotatoo: who won then? :P
over: i won everything ;)
DanishPotatoo: of course you did xD
over: haha just kidding :P
over: no announcement yet
Centclip: YAY, me like you Dori
DanishPotatoo: Nice
over: im still waiting for stuff i won in december last year :P
over: not i a hurry tho ^^
roddan1: U not gonna give a copy av BF-Hardline:)
Mike Johansen: So what are the major changes in Hardline compared to BF4 ? besides the fact that it's close quarter combat & Police vs Terrorists
Centclip: im waiting for my Disney infinity 2.0 figures i won in november, i think we will wait in vain over
over: nah they are just slow :P it took 6 month for me to get my last package :P
DanishPotatoo: i could pull of that gta jacket tho
Centclip: come on Dori, make us proud
DanishPotatoo: your team suck pretty baaad
Mike Johansen: None likes tanks anyway so that's a good thing !
over: i did :D
roddan1: tanks is fun, and helicopters
over: some maps in bf4 the tanks was so op that i usually got like 30 - 0 i kd
roddan1: lol
Mike Johansen: Tanks ruins the life of a sniper, just sitting in a bush minding my own buisness and BOOM everything is gone :D
over: no helis ruins the life of a sniper
over: those were a pain in the ass
Mike Johansen: You can shoot them through the glass :D
DanishPotatoo: why are you runing around in an open map with a shotgun? you just want to die dont ya?
over: but only noob heli drivers
Centclip: less snipers are always welcome :)
over: real heli drivers know how to avoid snipers
over: you could also scare the noob heli drivers with the spotter
DanishPotatoo: nice save
Centclip: Danish, he always do stuff like that :)
over: Snipers may were diapers but we get all the ladies."
over: wear*
Centclip: like in Destiny when he shoot the hobgoblins shields with a whole mag of ammo, the problem is they DONT take any damage while the shield is up :)
Mike Johansen: Are we gonna see more LoL gameplay :D ?
over: nope
Mike Johansen: Dam
Centclip: hell no, LoL sux
over: yes it does
Mike Johansen: i like it, but we all have our differences ;)
over: Dori is the man with the golden gun
roddan1: It will be a stream tomorrow, right? Friday night with Bengt
Centclip: ewwww, not more news
Centclip: im all for games, news not so much :)
over: playing on ps4 and giving away a kayboard. cuz f*ck logic :P
over: keyboard*
Tor Erik: There is no shame in spotting the enemies. Just sayin that R1 makes everything better for everyone.
Tor Erik: ;)
over: PC mustard race :D
Centclip: so who is gonna be your radar watcher Dori?
Centclip: so if its Destiny next week, who is playing it?
roddan1: Nick probobly
over: magnus or dori
Centclip: he left bro
roddan1: where is Nick ?
DanishPotatoo: what console will you play destiny on?
Centclip: Nick quit
roddan1: waaat
Centclip: always PS4 Danish
roddan1: u kidding
Centclip: nope, Nick is gone from GR
over: nope he is gone 4 good
over: i still dont get why
roddan1: thats was not fun, i liked Nick
over: he had one of the best jobs in the world
Centclip: i really hope Star Wars battlefront wont be as shit as this
over: dont think this is shit
over: it looks mediocre
over: fun and boring at the same time
Grundtvig2203: cent you sound aggresive today? :P
over: Cent is always aggresive :D
Centclip: ^
roddan1: Cent, I think Battlefront gonna be awsome
roddan1: hope so :)
Centclip: it better be after all this time, they have a legacy to live up to
over: battlefield with laserguns and spaceships, could it be better ?
holten: Ho is Sophia?
roddan1: u right cent. Dice have mutch to live up to now
Grundtvig2203: it´s the girl to the left
Grundtvig2203: right*
holten: Cool
Centclip: Daniel, dont call Dori a girl :)
holten: welcome
Grundtvig2203: haha
over: hahaha dori is a girl :P
over: thats some news right there
over: quite chocking
Centclip: ---------------
over: it was the beard the fooled me
over: that*
Centclip: well atleast she is having fun, Dori not so much :)
over: think this + bf4 graphics
roddan1: hehe
holten: Dóri are working hard
Grundtvig2203: i´m sure dori will smash the controller in a bit
Centclip: yeah at dying :)
holten: hehe
Centclip: he will Daniel, i hope you have some spares for tomorrow :)
over: k/d is love k/d is life
Centclip: k/d is the shit!!!!!!!
over: 31 / 0 cod :D
over: beat that noobs
holten: You like shooters. Sophia?
Centclip: and how much did you camp as a sniper over?
Grundtvig2203: let sophia play the last round before we end the stream ;)
over: you cant camp if you want to get that many kills
holten: Yeah PC rules over all:D
over: you need to kill every 10 seconds or so
Centclip: so it was you agains some friends who gave you the kills then :)
over: nope
over: was playing with "friends" that wanted me to not reach 31/0
roddan1: Is Hardline biuld on the Frostbite engien
Centclip: show me some proof over
holten: Nice to see a girl GR :D
over: i only have 29 / 0 screen shot :( dont have the 31 / 0
Centclip: yeah sure
over: and i have a 27 / 0
over: and a 26 / 0
Centclip: Dori if she does better then you, you might need a new job :)
over: only nabs die in games
holten: Í often kill a nob called over, in many games:P
over: Good for you :)
over: dont nick over ingame sp its not me :D
Centclip: if you are so good over, get Destiny and show us how a "pro" plays
over: if you pay for it i will gladly join the stream and show
holten: how much?
over: the game :P
holten: :)
holten: haha
holten: cya:D
roddan1: See you tomorrow all of you
roddan1: bye
Centclip: NO NEWS, come on Daniel do your thing
roddan1: hah