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Dóri Halldórsson: Yo yo
Centclip: hey man
Centclip: <-- trapped in Destiny
Dóri Halldórsson: Trapped in insomnia
Dóri Halldórsson: Today will be interesting
Centclip: btw you know its the 13th of april right, were is the crew stream?
Centclip: you are always in insomnia, so makes no difference
Dóri Halldórsson: Moved two weeks
Centclip: ok
kaboka: :o 2D Shadow of the Colossus yay
Centclip: you better play Destiny on friday or i will travel to Köpenhamn and kick your ass
kaboka: Tried the first 3 bosses in the demo
Centclip: being cooky never pays off
kaboka: so close lol
Talinth: If you bring back the arrow does it cause dmg on the "return"?
Stant: This game looks so awesome..
Stant: nice
kaboka: Its out tomorrow right?
Talinth: Sweeet :D
Stant: Oh crap :D
Stant: Ok, that looked pretty easy..
Stant: Brain freeze... "Bad-um tschhh.."
Centclip: Þú spilar betur Destiny föstudaginn eða annað sem ég mun koma til Kaupmannahafnar og berja þig
Centclip: stop ignoring me Dori
Stant: Soooooo many wank jokes with this boss!
Centclip: blame google translate
Stant: Pretty sure he reads english too though
over: DORI how many languages do you speak ?
Centclip: he ignored me the first time dude so i wanted to make a statement only he could understand!
Stant: Haha, affirmative ^^
roddan1: Hello All!
Stant: Hai tharr!
roddan1: 8bits games for life:)
Stant: So, is there any more upgrades or outfits or whatever to find throughout the game, or is it the "1 arrow/1 death" thingy all through?
Stant: Cool, all skill game, I like it!
Stant: Very cool boss
Stant: So, you hit him in the butt or what?
Stant: yeah, ok
over: This is dori vs the spider all over again
Stant: Since the snowballs don't kill ya, perhaps you can volley one of them with an arrow back at him to stun him or whatever
Stant: Aye good thinking..
Stant: Damn, i want this game.. now!
Centclip: 20
kaboka: 42
Stant: Gonna say 14
kaboka: always 42
over: 26
Stant: Now its crunch time man!
Grundtvig2203: we will all have this music in our mind when we are going to sleep tonight.. thank you Dóri
over: maybe 42 is the right number :D
myllylyly: When will this game be released?
sejefyr: Hey all
Stant: 14th aka tomorrow
Stant: hai!
Centclip: i was closest one even if you did not beat him, you own me a Bloodborne copy
over: lol
sejefyr: what Cent?
Grundtvig2203: can we get a bet again? :)
over: my bet is that he wont make it before times up
myllylyly: I'll bet 18 already
sp483: Hi, everyone.
sejefyr: what do you need to bet on?
Stant: Ill go for 14 again! I believe in you!
Centclip: 9
sejefyr: I bet 13, its an unlucky number :)
over: tick tock tick tock
over: NOOOOO !!!!!!
Centclip: NAILED IT
Centclip: I WIN
Stant: sweet
Friiillaan: shouldn't it be the crew live stream today? or have i missed something?
Centclip: moved 2 weeks
kaboka: any of you getting GTA V pc?
Friiillaan: okay thanks :)
Centclip: the bearded dude on stream will
kaboka: Downloading it atm.. sooo slow
Centclip: Dori, send me a copy of Bloodborne
kaboka: ah but cool
sejefyr: Cent you dont need it, sent it to me ;)
Stant: "Ill unfortunately be in London" - Poor, poor Dóri! :P
Centclip: shut up seje
sejefyr: Cent just buy it and Platinum it before Nick
Stant: Do a mom joke about the Yetis mom! Perhaps it'll throw him off!
sejefyr: I bet 7 this time
Centclip: eh seje, he has died 24 times
Centclip: 25
sejefyr: thought it reset with every boss
Centclip: he has tried this one before and lost
over: if dori stops comming in to work then you know where he is, sitting and trying to beat the yeti
roddan1: When are u Dori gonna stream Mortal Combat X ?
roddan1: Nicee
myllylyly: Gunning of isaac
Centclip: Dori, you know that tower of guns was released on ps+ this month right
Centclip: it is actually pretty fun, when you get into it
Centclip: you could play 2 in tower of guns right?
Centclip: would have been fun to play as 2 in tower of guns
Centclip: well cya around dori and have fun in England
Centclip: peace out