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      Indiankobran: Hi there!
      Lauritzen94: Hello!
      Grundtvig2203: hey :)
      Indiankobran: I might as well ask right now. How are the trophies and is it an easy or hard platinum trophy?
      Indiankobran: So platinum on stream today?
      Xalie: Dori the bread
      Shikyo: hey
      Xalie: hey
      Lauritzen94: Hey
      Indiankobran: Covering yourself in jam was probably not the best ant resistance.
      Indiankobran: Hi there.
      Shikyo: what the hell is that game?
      Xalie: is this game awesome=
      Lauritzen94: cheese´n jam!
      Xalie: shikyo you are a bread in it
      Shikyo: yeah i can see that
      Xalie: you can be a breadloaf too
      Xalie: a big bread too
      Lauritzen94: That bread got personality
      Indiankobran: Dori, you are supposed to put the stuff on the bread after you toast it!
      over: This is one wierd game
      over: weird*
      Shikyo: this is a bit disturbing
      Xalie: shikyo you wont see it whwn its dirty XD
      Shikyo: pls say its on ps4 also
      Indiankobran: Sadly its not.
      Shikyo: ofc
      Xalie: it will be i think orr only xb1-?
      over: its on PC
      Lauritzen94: Maybe I can put some use to that xbox
      Xalie: pop the bottle dori
      Shikyo: so whats the meaning of this game? whats the goal?
      Indiankobran: The goal is to make it to the toaster.
      Xalie: his hiding from the ants under the cornflake thing XD
      Lauritzen94: #SpiderBread
      Shikyo: cuz the bread really wants to be eaten?
      over: i wouldnt want to eat that bread
      Xalie: over is weak :P
      Indiankobran: I guess its a suicidal peace of bread.
      Indiankobran: piece*
      Xalie: XD
      Lauritzen94: Haha this is great
      Indiankobran: Do you know if Nick will be back on Bloodborne today guys?
      Xalie: #i'maninjabread
      Lauritzen94: Nope
      Shikyo: i wish i had a xbone now
      Lauritzen94: dont know
      Maximilian-R: Hello all!
      Lauritzen94: I kinda feel like buying this
      Lauritzen94: hey Max
      Xalie: heard a dude complted bloodborne without lvling?
      Indiankobran: All right. Im starting to miss watching him scream at every boss he fights.
      Indiankobran: Hi Max!
      Indiankobran: Yeah, thats pretty cool. I want to try that as well at some point.
      Xalie: dunno how you can do that sounds insane'
      Maximilian-R: From now on I will store all bread in a locked box.
      Indiankobran: Do you know if he completed everything or just ran through the game?
      Lauritzen94: #FreeTheBread!
      Xalie: the bread is dirty XD
      over: naaaah, its all good
      Xalie: he complted itr i think without lvling
      Xalie: XD
      Xalie: its about being creative
      Indiankobran: Yeah but there are more optional areas then non optional areas. Do you know if he did any of those?
      Xalie: indian dunno just read a articels titewl about it i think
      Indiankobran: Ah ok. I guess I can check it out for myself.
      Xalie: glass jam yummy
      over: he is humping the jam
      Xalie: butter, jam and broken glass=best toast
      Maximilian-R: Hahaha thats athlectic!
      Xalie: dori hate mr toast :(
      Xalie: hump that jam!!
      Xalie: god it must have been funny to make this game
      Shikyo: this looks soon wrong
      Shikyo: sooo*
      Maximilian-R: No, this is normal?
      Indiankobran: I would not like to be a piece of bread. I would not be able to eat stuff like pizza and hamburger without being guilty of cannibalism.
      Xalie: it looksd like a bikini toast or so
      over: This is how my toast makes itself every morning
      Xalie: indian XD
      Xalie: how XD
      Xalie: try get toasted by the lamp?
      Maximilian-R: I guess ps4 controller also is compitable to this game trhough steam?
      Xalie: XD
      Indiankobran: Yeah that would make sense.
      Xalie: Dori can you be toasted by a lamp?
      Maximilian-R: Oh cool! Gta on pc does not even support to show ps buttons
      Maximilian-R: only xbox
      Indiankobran: Thats bad.
      Maximilian-R: Thats really bad
      Indiankobran: Have you played that by the way?
      Maximilian-R: Nope, my computer is so weeeak haha so its not worth it
      Lauritzen94: you cant just connect the ps4 controller to a pc can you`?
      Maximilian-R: yes you can
      Maximilian-R: just plug it in and it will get drivers
      Indiankobran: Hehe ok. same here.
      Xalie: my pc can run it but to lazy to buy it
      Lauritzen94: really thought it was only the xbox controller
      Lauritzen94: thats cool
      Lauritzen94: thx
      Xalie: in just want witcher 3
      Indiankobran: Come on Dori! You need to get the flawless toast "trophy"!
      Xalie: blood type o is boring in my eyes :(
      Indiankobran: Im just putting it out there: Age of Ultron tomorrow!
      Lauritzen94: Wuhu!
      Xalie: i know the chars in sw 7 movie :)
      Xalie: altough i think sw 7 will fail
      Lauritzen94: i believe in it
      Lauritzen94: Best teaser in a looong time
      Xalie: 6 movie more is a too huge plan to make when they not got any movies out yet
      Indiankobran: I think its cool that they want to expand the universe.
      Lasse Brøndal: Hellooo :D
      Xalie: hey lasse
      Indiankobran: One think I dont like though is the plans for the Ghostbusters Avengers thing.
      Lauritzen94: Hey
      Xalie: indian hasvent seen the teaser forgot XD
      Indiankobran: Lasse! Good to see you!
      Xalie: indian you like id they make a ssb movie?
      Lasse Brøndal: How are you guys? :)
      Grundtvig2203: hey Lasse ;)
      Lauritzen94: Im good!
      Lauritzen94: how are you?
      Xalie: lasse good here and you?
      Indiankobran: I mean I dont really know why they would but I guess it could be cool.
      Xalie: indian they maybe make a pokemon movie with real persons too
      Indiankobran: That I would like.
      Lasse Brøndal: Good to hear! I'm great ;)
      Indiankobran: Then mabye they could make their games more fun too.
      sejefyr: Hello all
      Indiankobran: Wow everybody is here today! Hi sejefyr!
      Xalie: indian pkkemon x and y er awesome
      Lasse Brøndal: Hey ;)
      Xalie: hi sejefyr
      Xalie: is*
      sejefyr: Cent is not here ;)
      sejefyr: and over also
      Indiankobran: Mabye they are. I havent played a pokemon game since Pearl so Im not sure I want to have to learn the names of 400 new pokemon.
      Lasse Brøndal: What about Branko?
      Indiankobran: True, some people are missing.
      sejefyr: been a while since we last saw him
      Indiankobran: Branko showed up a few times in Nick's twitch stream. Hopefully he will be back here soon as well.
      sejefyr: but we are here, so thats good :)
      Xalie: okm lauritzen ofdfixcal trailer for sw 7 is epic XD
      Lasse Brøndal: He was our first fan ;)
      Lasse Brøndal: Good to see you guys are still here :D
      Xalie: but i doint get it.. in the book i think luke and leia etc get children
      Maximilian-R: Just challanged a friend to play this beside eachother, competing who makes it first lol.
      Xalie: i thought sw 7 etc was about them
      Maximilian-R: Morgning-rutine!
      Indiankobran: Yeah Branko is a true GR legend.
      Xalie: dunno who he is
      Lasse Brøndal: Have you heard from Nick after he left?
      Indiankobran: Yeah, he is streaming alot on twitch noe.
      Indiankobran: now*
      Lauritzen94: The star wars teaser is epic true dat
      sejefyr: playing with him sometimes
      Xalie: laurtizen is thought sw 7 etc also was about luke and leias children the books are that i think
      Xalie: i*
      Lasse Brøndal: Yeah saw that on facebook
      Lasse Brøndal: Cool!
      Xalie: i think my freind had sw 7 etc books
      Lauritzen94: Yeah they might change that, but who knows, theres much speculation to be done
      Xalie: sw is big so
      Indiankobran: It is verry amusing to watch him screaming at Bloodborne.
      Xalie: the most awesome thing is hans solo and leia is the same actors
      Indiankobran: Mark Hamill is in there as well right?
      Lauritzen94: Yeah and mark hamill
      sejefyr: what is the point in this game
      Grundtvig2203: get toasted
      Lauritzen94: And c3po
      Xalie: who is that again?
      Indiankobran: Luke
      Lauritzen94: And chewie
      Xalie: oh
      Xalie: XD
      Xalie: not good with actor names
      Indiankobran: I noticed.
      Xalie: :P
      Xalie: *pokes indian*
      Indiankobran: Mabye Star Wars is the reason that he quit voicing the Joker.
      Xalie: btw my favorite team unicorns of love got on 2 place in eu in their rookie year
      Xalie: in lol
      Xalie: thier coach/manager is only 17 years old O.o
      Lauritzen94: Yeah star wars 7 came as a suprise even for luke skywalker
      Indiankobran: I dont know anything about Leauge of Legends but I guess thats good.
      Xalie: i always had my thought oin they wouyld make it, becuse my childhood freind got books of sw 7 etc
      Xalie: indian the guy made uol when he was 15
      Lauritzen94: Yeah but some of might be canon
      Xalie: they are only freinds i think and gor 2 place in europe XD
      Xalie: was 5 seedet btw
      Xalie: he got a star from mario XD
      Xalie: you guys only play on ps4/x1 or also pc?
      Lasse Brøndal: Only PC :)
      Indiankobran: I only play on consoles.
      Xalie: you tried pillars?
      Xalie: of eternity
      sejefyr: only playing on ps :)
      Lasse Brøndal: No but saw it on Gamescom and looked good
      Xalie: its epic
      Xalie: i think its on sale on playgames
      sejefyr: Dori dont you have some real toast you can eat? :)
      Indiankobran: Are you back in Bloodborne now Lauritzen?
      Xalie: anyone here what will play witcher 3?
      Lauritzen94: No sadly not
      Xalie: that*
      Lauritzen94: most destiny
      sejefyr: nope
      Indiankobran: I probably wont.
      Xalie: why not? :(
      Indiankobran: Hmm ok. How far did you get?
      Xalie: witcher 3 got everything
      Xalie: it gor unicorns, naked woman and even blood sex rituals XD
      sejefyr: Xalie thats the way to sell it ;)
      Xalie: sejefyr it looks epic :)
      Xalie: sadly zelda got delayed :'(
      Indiankobran: I was'nt a big fan of Witcher 2 but I might check it out eventually.
      Lauritzen94: Think I reach, the boss with the medalion
      Lauritzen94: I need some new games soon
      Indiankobran: But I have no plans of buying it on release.
      Lauritzen94: That battlefront looks epic
      Xalie: indian rember witcher 3 is way diffrent from nr 2 as it is open world etc
      Indiankobran: The big white raindeer girl?
      Indiankobran: Yeah, we'll see. When is it out?
      Xalie: indian they delayed zelda :(
      Xalie: 19 may
      Xalie: Dori is this harder then the spider in lord of thev fallen?
      Indiankobran: About a month before Arkham Knight then.
      Xalie: indian it comes the day ff 10 remake on ps4 come -.-
      Xalie: and i want them both XD
      Indiankobran: Yuo better learn how to multitask before then.
      Indiankobran: You*
      Lauritzen94: Wow arkham knight is closing in nw
      Xalie: thinking on buy both but dont got the time :)
      Lauritzen94: now*
      Indiankobran: It is indeed!
      Xalie: zelda will first come next year :(
      Lauritzen94: didnt realize it was that close
      Xalie: ff 15 will first com 2016/17/18
      Lauritzen94: Battlefront´n Batman!!
      Xalie: battlefront first to nov?
      Lauritzen94: Yeah true dat
      Lauritzen94: I would like it to drop today though
      Xalie: heard mortal combat is good the new one
      Indiankobran: The 3 B:s of the year. Bloodborne, Batman and Battlefront.
      Xalie: but no zelda :(
      Lauritzen94: Yeah a very succesfull lunch
      Lauritzen94: Indeed
      Indiankobran: I have not played a single Zelda game for more then a couple of minutes.
      Xalie: i think ppl got nuts when zelda wii u comes out
      Indiankobran: Come on Dori! Just one more hour!
      Xalie: they delayed it becuse they could make mot in it then they thought
      Xalie: or so they say
      Indiankobran: I should buy a Wii U soon.
      Xalie: doris hates it
      Indiankobran: Yep.
      kaboka: 3DS would be a good starting point for zelda as well, OOT, Majoras mask and Link between worlds is the best one in a long time imo
      Xalie: kaboka true
      Xalie: we just need poketen for wii u
      Indiankobran: poketen?
      Xalie: pokemon fused with tekken
      Xalie: they make ikt for the arcades in japan
      Indiankobran: Aha.
      Indiankobran: Yeah, that could be cool.
      Xalie: kijnda cool idear
      kaboka: I just want Xenoblade X nauw :p
      Xalie: thinking on buying it to 3ds the xeno one but got not that much time atm
      Indiankobran: I'd like a pokemon game where you actually get to control your pokemon.
      Xalie: indian nintendo may make pc games in the futher
      Indiankobran: Hmm fancy that.
      Xalie: they will make mobile games
      Indiankobran: I would prefer if they made PS4 games but I guess its a start.
      Xalie: they wont befor their console is out of the window i think
      kaboka: so never :p
      Xalie: i think they make mobile and pc games to gain more profit
      Xalie: to get their new console nx etc up
      Xalie: acording to rumors nx should be quite insane
      Indiankobran: Yeah its just wishful thinking from my side.
      Xalie: the nintendo guy said that the nx will blew gamers mind or so
      kaboka: thats just PR talk though
      Xalie: then again everyone say that
      Indiankobran: Now who would leave a jar of jam and a scateboard together on a shelf like that?
      Xalie: but nintendo dont do that much pr talk kaboka normally
      Xalie: or just me?
      Indiankobran: No food at the computer Dori!
      Xalie: XD
      Xalie: the tgoast is happy
      Xalie: thoast*
      Xalie: the thoaster aint supertoaster sadly
      Indiankobran: Thats not a good place for a loaf of bread.
      Xalie: omg where the fuck can you toast in a bathroom?!
      Xalie: XD
      Indiankobran: Mabye you can boil it in the sink?
      Xalie: Dori hahaha
      Xalie: get toathpaste on the thoast
      over: Marinade the toast in the toilet
      over: that should make for some good eating
      Xalie: over dont get to bumped over mr thoast :P
      Xalie: i dont wanna fight with that thoast XD
      Xalie: maybe you can get thoasted by the lamp?
      Xalie: toast*
      over: some bleach might be tasty ?
      Xalie: bleach is op atm
      Xalie: in the manga
      Xalie: this game sems too buggy
      over: dont read it
      Xalie: if it was mne playing thius i think i had crush my com screen by now XD
      kaboka: Break all the stuff
      Indiankobran: Is that a weed plant?
      Xalie: good it ain my toilet XD
      over: nope
      over: not even close :P
      Xalie: a rubberduck!!
      Indiankobran: Ok I see that now.
      Xalie: wtf is jam doing in a bathroom?
      Indiankobran: I got it from a wierd angle
      Indiankobran: WTF is bread doing in the bathroom?
      over: the hairdryer lulz
      Xalie: imagine to get knoked out by a bread that punches you
      Xalie: XD
      over: wth
      over: hairwax is the new butter
      over: hair wax*
      over: yummy
      Indiankobran: Dori made a helicopter!
      Indiankobran: Are you going to see Age of Ultron tomorrow Dori?
      over: its the release on the 22nd ?
      Indiankobran: Yeah but they have the midnight premiere thing.
      over: then it still the 22nd ;)
      Indiankobran: I know.
      Indiankobran: I never said the 21:st. I just said tomorrow.
      over: yeah but its not tomorrow :)
      over: its the day after tomorrow :)
      over: even if its just by a minute or so :P
      Indiankobran: I guess technicly it is but I see it as when I wake up its tomorrow.
      Indiankobran: But I can rephrase it.
      over: yes you are live
      Indiankobran: Is anyone going to the theatre tomorrow to see Age of Ultron?
      over: dori is staring to get MAAAAAD :)
      Indiankobran: He will stop eating bread after this stream.
      over: im not going , at least not tomorrow
      over: or the 22nd
      over: but maybe someday
      Indiankobran: Cool.
      Indiankobran: Mabye you're not that much of a MCU fan?
      Indiankobran: That duck will eat you.
      over: its rather that im not a big "HCP" fan
      Indiankobran: Aha ok.
      over: you have no idea what hcp means ;)
      Indiankobran: Nope, not a clue.
      Indiankobran: Care to explain?
      over: just made it up just bacause you used MCU :)
      Indiankobran: Haha ok
      over: it means High Cinema Prices
      Indiankobran: Oh I see. I might start using that.
      Maximilian-R: I dont mind the music actully haha but I cant barely hear it
      Indiankobran: The music is not that loud to us.
      Grundtvig2203: I will turn up then ;)
      Grundtvig2203: muhaha
      Indiankobran: You cruel man!
      Maximilian-R: Please do!
      Indiankobran: I see your point now Dori.
      over: OMFG
      over: just checked the price
      over: 130 swedish crowns
      over: WTH !
      Indiankobran: Of the cinema tickets?
      over: yeah
      Indiankobran: Yeah that is quite alot.
      Indiankobran: But I think they chatge more since its #d.
      over: and thats not the 3d
      Indiankobran: 3D*
      Indiankobran: Its not?
      over: the 3d costs 145
      Indiankobran: Damn.
      Indiankobran: Thats crazy!
      Indiankobran: I just paid. I never looked at the price.
      over: So i will change my answer, NO I WILL NEVER watch it in the cinema
      over: blu ray or "some other way"
      over: but prolly bluray
      Indiankobran: Yeah that might be the cest thing to do.
      over: have all the other superhero movies on blu ray so :)
      over: need it for my collection :)
      Indiankobran: Yeah true.
      Grundtvig2203: I am going to see Age of ultron in Imax :), never tryed imax before
      Indiankobran: Wow, thats awesome! Thats the way to see a movie like Age of Ultron!
      Grundtvig2203: Yeah I hope so haha :p
      over: im not sure i dare ask the price of the tickets
      Grundtvig2203: haha hmm well 175 Danish
      over: dayum
      Grundtvig2203: do the math
      Indiankobran: Mabye its better to just put the bread on top of the radiator, Dori?
      over: about 200 swedish
      Grundtvig2203: yeah :/
      Indiankobran: I'd pay that for sure to see it in Imax.
      Xalie: you got it dori
      over: i wish they start with the same as in the UK
      over: pay like 20 for a ticket and get a digital download when the movie is out
      Indiankobran: They do that?
      over: some do, they are trying it our
      over: out*
      Indiankobran: Thats pretty cool.
      over: yeah
      Indiankobran: All right, bye for now guys!
      Dóri Halldórsson: Thanks for hanging in there guys
      over: bye bye peeps :)
      Dóri Halldórsson: See u wednesday