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Magnus Groth-Andersen: Hey
Dusso: i'm totally ok with them sacrificing super graphics for stability, if it means less buggy than all their other games
kaboka: Might be controller ideas
Dusso: Nintendo is that uncle that was fun when you were young, but now it's just getting a little weird
Dusso: he just did E3! that is vacation! lol
kaboka: Don't worry Witcher 3 stole all my time for other games :P
Dusso: this is gonna be great (to watch) :D
kaboka: well i love watching people play Dark souls so i guess i kinda like watching people suffer?
Dusso: a death counter for a new(bad) CoD player? full time job updating that counter :P
sejefyr: guessing you gonna die 64 times today ;)
kaboka: So are we betting on this death counter? :p
Dusso: lol
Anders Riecke: it is a fulltime job :D
kaboka: 42!
Dusso: 9? wth
Dusso: i also only counted 6. you're dying faster than we can keep up lol
Lootmolch: 100! BAM!
Dusso: it's more than 1 per minute. so, it's gonna get high
sejefyr: foregrip is good in the beginning
Dusso: yeah i played some Ghosts as well. that was horrible
Dusso: 1-0 Magnus. quit while you're ahead :D
Dusso: holy shit! how did you not die there?! lol
Dusso: i think you're 1 behind, Anders
Anders Riecke: you sure?
Anders Riecke: now we should be good
Dusso: iirc he's at 11 deaths now this round
Anders Riecke: fixed it :)
sejefyr: have never seen one be so exited by dying so much
Anders Riecke: Thanks, for the tip :)
sejefyr: wasnt it avenger and not vanguard
Lootmolch: Yes, 22 deaths this round, keep on dying, Magnus. ;P
Anders Riecke: Die a little less, it's very hard to keep the counter updated
Dusso: lol
sejefyr: you have played for 15 min, dying 37, so it give around 100 deaths
sejefyr: singleplayer is good, online not so good, liked the old CoD online
Dusso: i think if you flick the stick in a direction when you press jump the 2nd time, you might strafe
Dusso: i dont play it, but i think i heard thats how it is
sejefyr: jump up once, push r3 up, and jump again i think, to push forward
Anders Riecke: sprint and press crouch to slide foward
Dusso: oh it was right analog
Dusso: wow, Magnus... wow
sejefyr: you never gonna platinum this game Magnus ;)
Dusso: actually, it was because i like purple :D
Dusso: ....
Dusso: you have a jet pack, and you used the ladder. and you're gonna talk to me about war colors? :P
Anders Riecke: it's like a ball game, grab the satelite throw it at the enemy bas (red icon) and intercept them throwing it at yours (blue)
Magnus Groth-Andersen: Got blue screen of death. Restarting people.
Magnus Groth-Andersen: I'll keep playing and dying
sejefyr: is it up again?
Anders Riecke: nope. We have some hardware issues, we're working on it
Magnus Groth-Andersen: 79 so far
Anders Riecke: magnus is at 78 deaths atm
Magnus Groth-Andersen: 78 sorry
sejefyr: close to my quess
Anders Riecke: should be up now
Dusso: in this one. for us watching :D
Dusso: i liked it. it was funny
Dusso: you dont have to. i dont have the game, and dont plan on getting it. thanks though :)
sejefyr: thanks Magnus, have a good vacation