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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Eksklusiv verdenspremiere - vi viser deg et nytt Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum-kort

Sir Finley vender enda sterkere tilbake og som et Paladin only-kort. Vi har spurt Blizzards Alec Dawson om de nyeste tilføyelsene som er på vei til Hearthstone

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

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Blizzard er i gang med å varme opp til enda en Hearthstone-utvidelse. Saviors of Uldum heter den, og den skal komme den 6. august. Det er en utvidelse med 135 nye kort til det fortsatt populære CCG-spillet. Ett av de nye kortene er Sir Finley, som vi nå viser deg i en eksklusiv verdenspremiere her på Gamereactor. Her er kortets detaljer:

Sir Finley of the Sands er et Paladin only-kort - en legendary Murlock minion med 2 attack power, 3 health points, og koster 2 mana å spille. Hva som gjør ham spesiell er hans battlecry:

"If your deck has no duplicates, discover an upgraded Hero Power."

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Som en del av vår eksklusive premiere fikk vi også muligheten til å snakke med Alec Dawson fra Blizzard, og det her er hva utvikleren hadde å si om Sir Finley of the Sands, og hvorfor det tidligere nøytrale kortet nå er Paladin only:

"When we were creating Saviors of Uldum, we knew we wanted to bring back the four League of Explorers, and that they would take up the remaining four classes - Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Mage," forteller Dawson til Gamereactor.

"When we started to talk about which class each member of the team should be, Sir Finley was one where we knew almost instantly that he would be a Paladin; he has Sir in his name, first of all! We also feel that Murlocs have a special place with Paladins, so it really just made the most sense."

"Sir Finley is also a card that brings back two mechanics/strategies that are not in the current game - cards that interact with the deck build (no duplicates) and the 'change the hero power' mechanic."

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Vi var nysgjerrige på hvorfor de vil ha det tilbake, og vi spurte Dawson om det vil være liknende kort til de andre klassene.

"With bringing back the League of Explorers, there was a question of 'What have they been doing all this time? How have they levelled up?' With those questions in mind, it was clear how Finley could level up. Instead of a normal Hero Power, what if you could get an upgraded Hero Power?! Fun fact, Finley was actually the first card designed for Saviors of Uldum."

"The Hero Powers that Sir Finley will give players access to are the same ones that have been seen in the past with Justicar Truehart,"

Dawson fortalte oss senere da vi spurte om den oppgraderte versjonen av Paladin Poweren:

"So player's won't just get paladin powers, they will be able to discover hero powers from the other classes as well."

Så Paladinen vil ha mulighet til å velge mellom tre tilfeldig oppgraderte Hero Powers fra alle klasser. Det høres ut som et must for alle Paladin-spillere som vil bygge et Murloc-deck.


Og hvis dette ikke var nok eksklusivt Hearthstone-innhold for deg, så har vi også intervjuet (på engelsk) skuespiller Terrence Stone om hans rolle som kortet. Her er det han hadde å si om Sir Finley:

Saviors of Uldum is the second appearance for Sir Finley Mrrgglton in Hearthstone; did you also voice Sir Finley the first time, in League of Explorers, and are there any major differences in the second version, such as the script, the character itself, or your performance?

Yes, Sir Finley is back for a second time. And yes, I have always been the voice of the good Sir. The League of Explorers is a fun and powerful team, and this time we play a major part in the storyline! The main difference for Sir Finley this time is that he's more of a "badass with a monocle" so to speak. Although he will, at times, mildly freak out over some circumstances... like being used for bait!

Murlocs have a very distinct sound. How easy, or hard, was it to find the right sound and corresponding accent?

Creating the Murloc sound was a combination of three parts. When I created the original first Murloc, what came to my mind was that they are (a) small, so a higher pitch for voice placement, (b) don't speak words yet must be understood, and that (c) they are from water, so must sound "wet" somehow.

At first, in the studio, we just came up with the "Murloc Murgle Gurgle," as I call it. I look at the line in English, then basically say it in a gurgle way that still keeps the emotion and delivery I would have if speaking the actual words. But still being "gurgly" enough that you can't clearly hear the real words. The gargle sound is tough to put in sometimes, so I always have water on hand to keep some in my throat at all times. Of course, too much, and you choke or cough. Yes, the dangers of voice acting!

When I created Sir Finley it was at the end of a Murloc session, and the wonderful director, Andrea Toyias, said one of the writers wanted to know what a Shakespearian Murloc would sound like. I did my idea and they all laughed (always a good sign). Then they asked, "What if he actually spoke?" So I thought of James Mason, if he was on Helium and very posh, with a gurgle. They said, "Okay, talk to you again soon." Then one day they called me in, and they had created Sir Finley Mrrgglton.

Finally, can you tell us what's your new favourite Sir Finley line?

My favourite line of Sir Finley is still, "Who's up for an adventure?" because it's just a fun, excited call out to all the players that can't wait to play and explore and immerse themselves in Hearthstone. Who's up for it... I'm sure one!

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