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ESL blir partnere med Gamers Outreach

ESL har nettopp avslørt at de blir partnere med veldedighetsprosjektet Gamers Outreach, som en del av deres Gaming for Good-initiativ. Sammen setter de i gang en kampanje, som skal skape oppmerksomhet, samle inn penger og annet. De starter med et event på IEM Chicago og fortsetter med flere events fremover.

"Gaming for Good' is a natural progression to fulfill our brand purpose, and I believe it is important that industry leaders like ESL set the tone and use their brand for the good of society," sier Rodrigo Samwell, Chief Marketing Officer for ESL. "Partnering with Gamers Outreach will allow ESL to support children in hospitals, where gaming can help serve as a connection to the outside world, the motivation to fight a condition, and dream to become somebody. We are committed to working with Gamers Outreach to create awareness and fundraising campaigns that supports the organization's programs through IEM Chicago and beyond. We call upon all gamers and esports athletes to join us at IEM Chicago to use gaming for good."

ESL står bak en billett-fundraiser, hvor opptil 10 dollar fra billettprisen går til Gamers Outreach. Andre initiativer vil bli utforsket, som eksempelvis spesialbyggede gamingstasjoner til de som ikke kan forlate sykehuset.

"As longtime esports enthusiasts, our team is beyond excited to work with ESL in a formal capacity," forteller Zach Wigal, grunnlegger af Gamers Outreach. "Hospitalization can often be a lonely, isolating experience for patients receiving treatment, but on a daily basis, we see the incredible impact games have on the lives of families. Video games are tools that help normalize healthcare environments, and our organization is committed to making video game content available and easy to manage. Games help produce a sense of joy, facilitate socialization, and can even assist with treatment. This partnership with ESL is an incredible opportunity for the community to make a difference in the lives of gamers receiving medical care. We're proud to work with the team at ESL to raise awareness and support for Gamers Outreach programs."

ESL blir partnere med Gamers Outreach
Photo: ESL

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