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OG Esports has partnered with 1xBet

The betting company's logo will appear on the esports organisation's jerseys.

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The esports organisation OG Esports has announced that it has signed a partnership deal with the betting company 1xBet. The deal will see the pair looking to produce a variety of video content together, and will also see various other pieces of content produced that are affiliated with 1xBet's brand.

Otherwise, it was noted that the deal will see 1xBet's logo being sported on OG Esports' jerseys and jackets for its Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rosters going forward.

"OG Esport has always been a value driven company, and we want partners that want to support our vision and be part of our Journey," said JMR Luna, CEO of OG Esports. "When we met with 1xBET they were very passionate about what we are building and they were very excited about doing cool things together. Welcome to the family 1xBET!"

There is no word as to the exact length or value to the deal, but we are told that this will be a partnership that aims to "bring more ideas, more content and more value" for OG's fans.

OG Esports has partnered with 1xBet

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