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Overwatch 2

Boston Uprising has parted ways with Striker and Marve1

The Uprising's president has stated that the team is simply "not the right fit" for Striker, and Marve1 is looking to return home to South Korea.

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The Boston Uprising are currently in the bottom threshold of Overwatch League teams for the 2022 season, as the franchise currently holds a 2-3 losing record and has a negative map win/loss differential. With this being the case, the Uprising has now decided to part ways with two of its members, Nam-joo "Striker" Kwon and Min-seo "Marve1" Hwang.

As for why the team is moving on from these two, Uprising president Chris "HuK" Loranger has released a couple of statements.

For Striker, the main thing to take away is that the Uprising was simply "not the right fit" him at this moment, as Loranger stated.

As for Marve1, it's said that he is dealing with personal issues, and is looking to return home to South Korea to better his well-being. Loranger did add that Marve1 "acted like an exemplary professional throughout his time with the Uprising".

The Uprising does still have enough members to continue to play in the Overwatch League, but no doubt the team will feel the impact of these significant losses.

Overwatch 2

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