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Dota 2 unveils new look for The International

This is to celebrate the local culture, featuring a panda and Chinese lettering for the Dota 2 competition.

Esports organisation has revealed a new look in time for The International Dota 2 competition this month, and the logo below has been produced by Quberten design studio, who also worked on the updated logo from last year as well.

This features Chinese characters and the giant panda, as an homage to the Chinese fans of the team, with the words saying "powerful fight". These characters even have VP hidden within them, as a sort of easter egg.

The panda will replace the white bear just for The International, and here's what general manager Roman Dvoryankin had to say on the move:

"August is full of great news for us. We have launched our Weibo account and a unique visual identity for the main esports event of the year. I hope that our players will show some great Dota play at the tournament as well. China is a strategic market for us, and we've tried to pay respect and attention to local traditions."

You can buy the jersey at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai during the playoffs, or you can pre-order it right here.

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Dota 2
Photo: Virtus.Pro

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