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Florida Mayhem, Misfits partner with Gift of Life

The esports organisation will help Gift of Life in the fight against diseases such as leukemia.

Misfits Gaming and Florida Mayhem have revealed a partnership with Gift of Life Marrow Registry, a company that registers volunteer bone marrow and stem cell donors, helping the fight against diseases like leukemia.

Both Misfits and Mayhem will help recruit donors via tournaments and gaming events, and a Florida Mayhem Team Day was held at the Blizzard Arena yesterday, with players and coaches showing support for Gift of Life. Streams will help encourage people to check out Gift of Life as well, and the esports crew will assist with swab drives that Campus Ambassadors lead at colleges and universities in Florida as well.

"We are thrilled to team up with Misfits Gaming and the Florida Mayhem, who are ideal partners in the battle against blood cancer and other diseases," said Gift of Life CEO and Founder Jay Feinberg. "This is an incredible opportunity to save more lives than ever before!"

"Gift of Life is a fantastic organization that has saved and improved the quality of lives for almost 30 years, and all of us in Misfits Gaming and the Florida Mayhem are proud to be partnering with them," adds Florida Mayhem President John Kracum. "What I love most about this campaign is that not only does it let us and our community rally around a worthy cause, but it empowers our fans by letting them help others and save lives."

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