Join our Fortnite Battle Royale Nordic Championship and find out if you are the best Fortnite player in the Nordics.

All you have to do is join a Solo Queue (Solo mode) on PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Switch, and eliminate other players. The goal is to get the highest amount of eliminations in a game.

If you love to shoot people and want to win great prizes, join us below.

Cool Prizes

You have the opportunity to win great prizes, if you’re the best Fortnite player in the Nordics.

1st Prize: 1x MSI Nightblade 3 VR7RD 005EU, 1x Coca Cola Zero Sugar College Jacket & 1x Mini Fridge
2nd Prize: 1x Coca Cola Zero Sugar College Jacket & 1x Mini Fridge
3rd Prize: 1x Coca Cola Zero Sugar College Jacket

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Note: Any score that cannot be verified by the uploaded screenshot according to the rules will be removed from the championship without warning.


Rank Nickname Kills Platform Country
1 TTV SkillsM4 17 PC fi
2 dv deis 11 PC dk
3 tparis 10 PS4 se
4 SoO_AndiOne 9 SWITCH se


Nickname Kills Platform Country
jyden2k 840 PC dk
Xx IrKeN24 xX 99 XBOX se
Art3mic 85 XBOX dk
benjamin 53 XBOX dk
the-bloods0 51 PS4 dk
Nite_Muhamed 50 PC fi
Elemental_Ray 48 PS4 se
Hamoudi_ht 47 PS4 dk
Minibes 45 PC no
Ninja-Switchll2l 43 PC dk
Juller8 43 PS4 fi
Minibes 41 PC no
Sugar Free Weed 40 PC fi
Bodtkerr 38 PS4 dk
DustyC-137 36 PC se
Twitch_xSkrill 35 PC se
JammuSSS 34 PS4 fi
Basth0lm 33 XBOX dk
Aof_Slix 31 PC fi
ImFusion 30 PS4 se
Wihux 30 PS4 se
JammuSSS 30 PS4 fi
Minibes 28 PC no
minimaisteri 28 PS4 fi
Seweppi 27 PS4 fi
oNe Histtoryx 24 PC fi
JammuSSS 24 PS4 fi
Nikke_Ps 24 PS4 fi
Twitchdarealrezz 23 PC dk
Twitchdarealrezz 20 PC dk
SimpaMaestro_YT 20 XBOX no
andersssonsamuel 17 PS4 se
xXTSM_NINJA_09Xx 16 PC se
670 616 629 mph 15 PC se
Xypee 13 PC dk
GamereactorMss 12 PS4 dk
jeciser 12 PC se
Ahmedeisagamer-A 10 PS4 fi
Frederik Emil69 9 PC dk
HLDenniz 5 PC se
ninja2 2 PC dk

Signup and Qualifying

Follow these simple steps to join:

  • Fill in your personal information in the form below and submit.
  • Once you have entered the championship, open the game, go to Solo (Solo mode), and start eliminating players. You can try to improve your score as many times as you like.

Fill in your personal information in the form below and submit. You will receive an email with a link to your personal score page. The leaderboard on this page will be updated automatically as you enter your score.

Registration close

How to join the competition:

  • When: October 1st 2018 – November 1st 2018
  • Where: Play a Solo game (Solo mode) and take a screenshot of your scoreboard, with your Gamertag shown. Put in your eliminations on the leaderboard and upload the screenshot. Lack of proof makes the entry/result invalid.
  • Organiser: GameReactor
  • Game: Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Platform: PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Switch
  • Scoring: Highest eliminations in a game
  • Elegibility: You have to live in, and be a legal citizen in a Nordic Country (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland) and must be at least 16 years old.
    If you're 13-15 years old, you need consent from your parents to participate, please have them send an email to [email protected]