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Welcome to the Gamereactor Halo Infinite tournament site where you can find all the information you need.

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CTF on Bazaar
four-man fireteams in Halo Infinite Multiplayer.
Starting loadout: Battle Rifle
No Radar
3 Captures to win a round
Best out of 3 rounds played.


Signups start on the 26th of November 2021, with the first round of the tournament set for the 14th of December 2021. Signups close on the 12th of December 2021.

Round 1: 14th of December

Round 2: 16th of December

Round 3: 18th of December

Round 4: 20th of December

Finals and semi-finals: To be agreed upon between the teams


Get a link to the lobby on this site each day you are playing, to see which team you have been automatically matched against. In the Lobby you can decide on the time the match will be played with your opponent. You can't start a match later than 22.30 CET to avoid a start after midnight in Finland.

There will already be a proposed time, but the teams can suggest back and forth if necessary. Once agreed, the match is played at that new time, otherwise our suggested time will be used.

How playing matches work:

1. Get a link to the match from this site and click it. Jump to the match lobby on this site, where both teams need to fully show up with all teammates within a 15 minute period. If one team fails to show up with all teammates, this will equate to a loss or a walkover.

2. When everybody is present, click ready, then boot up the game and create a fireteam that has all players from both teams. The team captain is responsible for inviting his team and the other team captain who in turn is responsible to invite the rest of his team. Remember that on PC the invite goes via the Xbox App, so be sure to alt+tab out of the game, accept, and re-enter the game.

3. The Team captain that is leader of the fireteam sets up a custom match according to our specifications. Both teams click "Match ongoing" in the lobby on our site and start the match in game. Once the match is done, both team captains return to our lobby and put in the result from the match. If both teams agree or only one team puts in results, then that match will be over and winner will be sent forward.

If there is a disagreement, they need to upload screenshots and the match is flagged to tournament staff to resolve.

We strongly recommend recording the matches in case there are disagreements.

As we need to send you the login details for each match - we need you to accept that we email you notices about the tournament.

Single players will be put on teams with missing players, surplus players will be merged to form new teams. GR will try and match players to the best of our ability to ensure everyone has fun - and a chance to win.


1st Prize: 4x Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Halo Infinite Limited Edition + 4x sets of official Razer Halo gaming gear (Kaira Pro + Deathadder V2 + Blackwidow V3 + Goliathus Extended Chroma) - combined worth €2840

2nd Prize: 4x BlackShark V2 Pro - combined worth €800

3rd Prize: 4x Viper Ultimate – combined worth €680


Discord or email: [email protected].


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