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Project Gotham Racing 3

TGS 05: Nya spreke screens Project Gotham Racing 3

Det ryktes om forsinkelser for Bizarre Creations kommende Project Gotham Racing 3 til Xbox 360, men enn så lenge virker Microsoft fortsatt innstilte på å slippe det til 360-premieren den 2. desember. Så får vi bare håpe på at dette holder og at vi kan kose oss med spillet før vi stapper i oss julepølsa.

Her er mer fakta:
Project Gotham Racing zooms onto the Xbox 360, expanding many of the features you have grown to love. Now you can drive the hottest supercars in existence, all updated to the standard of the high-definition era.

* How bold can you be? - Speed alone will not win this race. You'll be rewarded for your ability to execute the boldest moves.
* The ultimate supercar collection - Live your dream car fantasies as you accumulate more cool cars than you ever thought possible.
* A world of living, breathing cities - You'll be transported to intricately modeled popular locations, including New York, Tokyo, and many other cities.
* GothamTV takes you online with Xbox Live - PGR 3 exploits next-generation worldwide connectivity as it lets you exhibit your skills before a global online audience.
* Make it real—right in your living room - Take it to the limit: See what happens when you plug in Xbox 360, add Project Gotham Racing 3, and connect to an HDTV television with Dolby 5.1.

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Project Gotham Racing 3
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