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Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima gir spillere en sjanse til å utfordre seg selv

I hvert fall ifølge medgrunnleggeren av Sucker Punch, Brian Fleming.


Ghost of Tsushima var en av de store titlene på Sonys sin konferanse på årets E3, og vi fikk nylig muligheten til å snakke litt med medgrunnleggeren av Sucker Punch, Brian Fleming, om spillet, settingen og hvor de har hentet inspirasjon fra.

"The richness of the history and the beauty of the landscape are really important to the appeal of what we're trying to do," forklarte han. "This is a game that is set in this 13th century Japan, and so we've reached out and worked with our team at Sony Japan, we've worked with experts in religion and experts in combat, to try and really capture all these truths, but at the same time we're making an original story, so we like to think of it as something new and original set in a historical context."

"This invasion in the 13th century has turned the world of Tsushima upside down, and this single warrior is the agent of change as he moves through it. He's sort of creating nightmares for the invaders and they think of him as a ghost, which is where the name comes from."

Alt fra settingen til sverdkampene er veldig fjernt fra Sucker Punch sine tidligere spill, så vi spurte Fleming om denne nye retningen, og hva den betyr for dem:

"The game is much bigger than anything we've ever attempted, much more natural world, much more organic beauty, more sky and sunsets, and all of these are [...] artistic and technical challenges. And from a gameplay side we've never done a game with a significant amount of melee combat, which is very, very different than ranged combat which we used in Infamous, so I think [the change of direction] comes from a desire to tell a wonderful story but also to challenge ourselves, to do new things, to break new ground for ourselves as artists and creators, and so I think a combination of those is what really drew us to this idea."

Hva synes du om det du har sett av Ghost of Tsushima så langt? Kan det måle seg med Sucker Punch sine andre spill?