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Aaron Greenberg: Vi har fått bra respons på Game Pass

Daglig leder for Games Marketing er fornøyd med hvordan det går med programmet.


Aaron Greenberg, daglig leder i Games Marketing hos Microsoft, møter oss ofte på store arrangementer for å fortelle oss om alt som skjer med Xbox og Microsoft, og Gamescom var intet unntak. Vi slo nemlig av en prat med ham om den spennende tiden som Xbox-fans har i vente, og om Game Pass og hva han synes om programmet.

"Well it's great, it's great to see partners like Bethesda continue to support the program," fortalte han oss. "I mean strategically it's great for people to play games on Game Pass ahead of new releases coming out, like I love Fallout 4 being in the program. People that don't know Fallout, that maybe might be a Game Pass member are are just looking at 'what are the new games?', to be able to play that in advance of Fallout 76 is great, and we've seen that example happen over and over again."

"We're looking for all different ways to add more value. What we're seeing is Game Pass response is really strong. Subscriptions are going well, especially here in Europe, we've seen really, really good response [...] we're seeing people spending more time playing, playing more games in Game Pass, and it's been great for us but it's also great for our development partners as well. It builds a bigger audience, the network effect has been great - we've seen that with both Sea of Thieves and State of Decay as an example, where we saw more players come in and play the game, which drove more word-of-mouth, that network effect that we think definitely contributed to the success of those titles."

Hva synes du om Game Pass?