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      Earthless (Gamescom 2023) - Vil du være i stand til å lede menneskeheten til et nytt hjem?

      Vi deler med deg inntrykkene våre av denne komplekse sci-fi-tittelen der hver eneste beslutning du tar er avgjørende. Hvis du tar noen, selvfølgelig, for med alle farene som venter oss i verdensrommet...

      Audio transcriptions

      "Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which today we're going to talk about Earthless, a sci-fi roguelike deck builder developed by Blackbird Interactive and published by Team17, which really grabbed my attention at Gamescom 2023."

      "The background of the gameplay itself is that we're supposedly all alone in space and, well, humankind basically depends on us, as the captain of this starship, okay?
      Yeah, no pressure, no pressure at all.
      And well, like that, we'll have to, well, progress and advance through this immense space and basically try to find a place where we can, well, start over, I guess, and, well, call it home, just not being in that starship forever, but obviously that's not that easy and we don't know how many dangers space is hiding us and how many dangers are waiting for us in space."

      "So, well, obviously we'll have to draw our own path through this space and through stars and basically try to save humankind, and that's like the main background.
      Obviously, as I've said, it's not that easy and we'll find a lot of enemies, we'll find a lot of, well, space dangers, I don't know, such as some meteors around, some cosmic things."

      "Now, I'm not going to spoil you, but, well, some dangers will be waiting for us, of course, in the middle of space, and we'll have to survive to that, we'll have to survive to different kind of alien invasions, or alien attacks, because obviously they were there before us and they'll try to, well, get us down and kill us and erase us from their way because, for them, would be a danger."

      "And that would be basically, like, for the background, saving humankind, we're the captain of this starship and, well, just build the best deck to just face these dangers and try to survive in our journey.
      As I've said, this is a roguelike and this progression will be as, if you're a fan of the genre, you've seen it, of course, we'll have a map and we'll have different areas where we can go, and depending the path that we'll be choosing, that will lead us to another place or to another, for example, we have a fighting area and, I don't know, a treasure area, I'm inventing this, okay, but depending if you choose one or another, that branch will lead you to another branch and like that until the end of that area, if we can call it like that."

      "And basically like that, you'll have to try to survive, you'll have to take decisions and not only take the decision of where to go and how to go, if you want to fight, if you don't want to fight, if you want to avoid every danger, etc., you'll have to make decisions with your own crew, why?
      Because every decision that you'll make will have an impact in your crew and obviously that will take some, well, benefits or problems depending on your decisions and we'll have some events, we'll have some things inside and outside our starship."

      "So I think that obviously we'll talk about the turn-based combat system, of course, and we'll talk about these tech builder mechanics and all that, but this background and these making decisions all the time was so interesting and I was so immersed in the story.
      I don't know why, I don't know how, but I was so immersed, the decisions were actually really difficult to just make because you said, oh my God, I mean, you feel inside the story, you feel like you were the real captain and that decision could lead you to, well, survive or just to death, no?
      And I don't know, it was so satisfying to just not knowing that it was all about just facing enemies or just getting to the end of that area to just reach the next level, if we just focus on the roguelike elements."

      "It's obviously more than that and it all worked perfectly because, as I've said, this immersive experience, these taking, making decisions, it's going to be super interesting and super important in your story and that will lead you probably to death or not.
      But it also fits perfectly with this roguelike deck builder because you don't know what are you going to encounter every time that you access to an enemy area, you'll have to clear your way, you'll have to, or maybe run away and cross that part fast or you can decide to just face every enemy that appears in that combat area to just, well, be sure that you're going to survive, etc."

      "But all that will have an impact.
      So it's not just all the decisions that you make on the starship, okay?
      It's all a decision, everything.
      If you want to fight, if you don't want to fight, if you have to fight but you want to avoid most of the dangers, etc., that's up to you and up to your deck, of course, depending on the cards that you have and, well, depending on your combat style."

      "But everything fits perfectly with this, well, with this captain role that we'll have and I don't know, I enjoyed it so much and talking about the combat system itself, it was so interesting because we have, well, once your turn starts, you can move, attack and use one of your cards and your skills and, well, that, depending on your combat system style and how you want to do things, well, will lead you directly to the exit of that area trying to avoid every danger, as I've said, or will lead you to just, well, kill everyone and be a destructive enemy and, I don't know, that's up to you."

      "But it was so satisfying to just, well, make all these decisions.
      I was stressed sometimes because, as I've said, there are some times that you don't know what to expect because you enter to this combat area or this combat arena or however you want to call it, you enter there and then you discover, for example, I mean, I'll explain you better."

      "You enter to the combat arena and suddenly you have a big enemy and you focus on that big enemy and you get closer to that enemy because it's all alone and you feel that it's your chance to just attack but suddenly it calls for help and a lot of tiny enemies are going to surround you and I felt that like it was real life, you know?
      We know that it's a sci-fi title but it felt so real, like obviously the enemies are going to call for help, they're going to call for reinforcements and that's going to affect you because you're supposedly all alone."

      "So you have to face all these enemies all alone and in that moment decide if you want to get out of there easily and try to reach the exit part and get through that area or basically face all of them which obviously has their own dangers and I don't know, as I've told you, everything fits so well, everything's up to you, I would say, and well, we're talking about a roguelike so you'll get to upgrade some of your cards, you'll get to upgrade some characteristics in general of your adventure and you'll discover and pick up or not different world cards that are going to improve and upgrade your combat system experience and I don't know, everything's really easy to get used to it, I mean, as I've said, I've played different roguelike deck builders but it was easy to get used to it even though you haven't played this genre, I think, everything was so immersive, as I've said, and I really felt I was the captain of the crew and that I had to make decisions and that everything was so important in my adventure so I really enjoyed it. In terms of its visual aspects and all that, I would say that, well, all the first cutscenes and the trailer that you'll be watching here in the video, they were so cool, they were like home drawn, I don't know exactly if they were home drawn but obviously they'll have that feeling, they were so beautiful and all the visuals inside the game are so cool, they're like so clean, so simple but so functional and so, well, immersive also, because there's no need of just being so detailed and being so realistic for just immersing the player in your adventure, so I think they really did it really, really well and I don't know, this adventure itself, it's so worth it, so if you're a roguelike deck builder fan, if you're a fan of the genre, if you like sci-fi adventures and if you like just, well, fighting in the space and not knowing what's going to happen because everything's so new, everything's so unknown and you really want to know what's going to happen to your crew and, I don't know, what kind of dangers and mysteries this space is hiding, just don't doubt and don't hesitate to just play this game once it's released at some point of 2024 because we don't have any release date, any official release date, but I can assure you that it's going to be a really, really cool game for the fans of the genre, so give it a check, stay tuned for more news and updates about the game and you can go to our game reactor dot your domain of choice, just check out an interview that we did with Blackbeard Interactive team, okay, just talking about this game and like that you'll discover more details about it, well, from the hand of one member of the developer team, sorry, so there you have it."

      "I hope you've enjoyed it, just give it a try if you're a sci-fi roguelike deck builder fan and I can assure you that it's going to be a big game for the fans, so there you have it.
      Thank you so much for being here, see you in the next Game Reactor Gamescom Impressions video and, well, enjoy your space trip if you are brave enough to just try out this adventure."

      "Thank you so much for being here, see you in the next video. Bye-bye!"