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En leiesoldats liv i Mercenaries

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

* Påkrevd felt

Pandemic Studios er i full gang og faktisk snart ferdig med utviklingen av spillet Mercenaries. Dette spillet tar deg med til en nær fremtid hvor utvikleren har tatt utgangspunkt i virkelige hendelser i verden for så å skape historien rundt spillet. Det er selveste LucasArts som utgir Mercenaries til PS2 og Xbox 18. februar.

Hvis du ikke vet så mye om spillet, legger vi til litt info om spillet:
Mercenaries is a revolutionary, 3rd person action-shooter game set in the near future and inspired by real world events. On the eve of a historic reunification of North and South Korea, a ruthless general stages a military coup to take control of North Korea and threatens the world with nuclear war. The international community launches a global task force to stabilize the region. However, when diplomatic efforts collapse and the region descends into anarchy they announce a one hundred million dollar bounty on the North Korean general and his top military and scientific advisors.

The targets are identified in a "most wanted" list in the form of a 52-card deck of playing cards. As one of the top operatives for a private mercenaries company called Executive Operations, you have been called in to collect on these bounties.

* Massive, open environments that are completely interactive. If you can see it, you can use it, steal it, drive it, fly it, or blow it up.
* Explosive combat - you have the firepower (choose from a huge arsenal of realistic, military weapons) to lay waste to anything in sight.
* Flexible gameplay - Use your weapons and your imagination to figure out how to complete missions in a variety of ways in non-scripted environments.
* Dozens of different military and civilian vehicles, ranging from tanks, cars, trucks, helicopters, and more that can be commandeered at anytime and used for any purpose.
* Some of the best graphics seen on the consoles - great weather and realistic explosion/destruction effects.
* Based on the US military’s system of identifying a "most wanted" list of enemy targets in a playing card deck, players will use the playing card metaphor to identify missions and enemy targets. Take on missions from the different factions in order to gain intelligence and get new playing cards/targets and access to new areas.
* Reputation system that is driven by an embedded journalist that records player actions, which determines how civilians and the various warring factions respond to the player.
* Earn cash from different missions to buy better weapons and vehicles, or sell your vehicles and weapons on the black market.


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