Perfect Dark Zero

Nettsiden til Perfect Dark Zero med masse nytt

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

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Så har vi fått en melding fra Microsoft om å anbefale gamere om å ta turen innom nettsiden til Perfect Dark Zero. Der inne vil du nå finne masse nytt om dette kommende Xbox-360 spillet som lanseres på releasen av neste generasjons konsollen til Microsoft.

Føler du nyskjerrigheten ta overhånd, ja så klikker du deg inn her:
Nettsiden til Perfect Dark Zero med masse nytt

Her er et lite utdrag fra pressemelding vi fikk i fra Microsoft:
Perfect Dark Zero is the long-awaited prequel to the best-selling and critically-acclaimed "Perfect Dark," and is the marquee MGS title for Xbox 360 from Rare Ltd. The official site offers a unique experience featuring clips of in-game footage, character bios, detailed weapon/gadget information and images, screens, and character renders - all presented in a dynamic web atmosphere! Gamers take an active role on the site by guiding the legendary Joanna Dark in her vendetta to uncover information about dataDyne, a shadowy corporation bent on world domination.

Set in the year 2020 - years before the original hit game - Perfect Dark Zero is the origin story of the legendary Joanna Dark, a perfect agent and ultimate weapon. Equip Joanna with definitive state-of-the-art weaponry, gadgets, and vehicles in the Xbox 360-exclusive prequel to the international award-winning and multimillion-selling first-person shooter "Perfect Dark". A two-disc "Perfect Dark Zero" Limited Collector’s Edition will be available at retailers nationwide this holiday. A standard version will also be available which contains a single disc with the full version of the game and the game manual.

Flere nyheter og screens fra spillet finner du inn her

Perfect Dark Zero

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