The Outfit

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Snart er det klart for alle Xbox 360-eiere å gi seg i kast med Relic Entertainments humoristiske andre verdenskrigs-spill The Outfit. I følge amerikanske Official Xbox 360 Magazine, kommer nemlig en spillbar demo til å slippes for fri nedlastning via Xbox Live i løpet av uken.


Den fullstendige versjonen av The Outfit lanseres 17. Mars.

Her er mer fakta:
* Choose Between Three Playable Squad Leaders - Each with specific skills for different strategies
* Explosive Battlefield Moments - Experience intense WWII combat through war-torn environments as you lead two squads behind enemy lines and take on the Nazi War Machine. Featuring advanced * AI your squad mates will automatically seek cover and return fire and will follow your orders to assault tanks and enemy positions. * Take on enemies with an explosive arsenal of WWII weapons and vehicles including Machine Guns, Bazookas, MG 42 Stationary Machine Guns, Tanks, Half-Tracks, Armored vehicles or move in for close combat hand-to-hand battles.
* Multi-Squad Tactics - Switch between two squads at any time.
Strategically use your squads on different parts of the map to achieve multiple objectives or combine their strength to take out the most challenging objectives.
* Earn and Use Action Points - Capture strategic areas to gain action points and spend them on the fly to acquire upgraded weapons, driveable tanks, and fixed positions such as machine-gun nests, or to call in for air-strikes.
* Fully Interactive and Destructible Environments - Destroy buildings, bridges, emplacements, walls —anything—with real physics and damage modeling.
* Multiplayer Modes - Live! or Split Screen Online - choose from a variety of co-op and versus multiplayer modes
* Xbox 360 16:9, 720p HD and 5.1 Dolby compliant

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The Outfit
The Outfit

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The Outfit

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Lei av alle Redd Menig Ryan-spillene fra andre verdenskrig, med dramatisk historie og alvorlig action? Da har Relic spillet for deg!

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