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Arvindir forblir hos Big Clan til 2023

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

* Påkrevd felt

Big Clan har annonsert at de har forlenget kontrakten med deres League of Legends-sjefstrener Danusch "Arvindir" Fischer til 2023. Laget har gjort dette etter "success behind the team over the years" og da "Arvindir has set himself as the bedrock for our line-ups over the years."

"Danusch "Arvindir" Fischer has shown how important he is to the League Of Legends team's terrific successes over the past three years," sier Daniel Finkler, CEO hos Big. "He has made many successful decisions and has a clear vision for the team. He also fits very well into our club as a personality. His values are aligned with the values of BIG. I am delighted that we could extend the contract with him as Head Coach for such a long period."

Big Clan er klare for å konkurrere i Prime League Summer 2021 - Group Stage, som begynner senere i dag, når laget skal opp mot Euronics Gaming klokken 19:00.

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