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Bischu forlater LA Gladiators til fordel for Guangzhou Charge

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

* Påkrevd felt

Los Angeles Gladiators har annonsert at de har solgt Aaron 'Bischu' Kim til Guangzhou Charge.

"I've been working with Bischu for 2.5 years now, the longest of any player I've worked with, and it's been an absolute joy to have him on the team for every single second. He's always really epitomized what I thought it meant to be a Gladiator, and he will forever be a Gladiator. I'm really sad to see him go, but really happy he has a great opportunity with the Charge to showcase who he is and why he's such a great player. He'll always be a great friend, and with all great friends, I wish him the absolute best." sier Head Coach David "dpei" Pei.

Bischu har sluppet en TwitLonger-post hvor han forteller om byttet. Han sier følgende:

"As of today, I am no longer with the LA Gladiators. Luckily I'm unaffected by the ex-Glads curse of retirement, so I'll be playing for the Guangzhou Charge now, woo! I think the most painful thing for any professional player is not being able to play, since you can only improve so much by watching instead of practicing with the team. So despite all the sadness and goodbyes, I'm super excited for this new opportunity with Guangzhou. There's only one stage left, but I'm going to give it 110%. You could say I've been Charging my energy on the bench for this moment."

"But I'm not going to lie, leaving really sucks. I love the Gladiators. The staff, the coaches, and the players are all incredibly talented. It has been an honor to play and work with everyone. For so long, we basically were - and are - the home team, and it's thanks not only to our efforts, but to our dedicated and passionate fans. I'm extremely grateful for all of you. Thank you."

Photo: Overwatch League

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