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British Esports Championship Season 1 winners revealed

Three secondary school teams and three college teams claimed wins in Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends.

The British Esports Association has revealed that Season 1 of the British Esports Championships has concluded, showcasing the winners for secondary schools and further education colleges.

With secondary schools, in Overwatch the team known as The Brights dominated their matches, getting regular 4-0 wins even in the final, while in League of Legends Beyond Reality were the winners, and will head to Insomnia Gaming festival next April. Over in Rocket League Fortes Esports were the winners, and in the grand final they beat The Armoured Saint 7-0.

When it comes to colleges, The Sunderland Seers won in Overwatch, who also won the trophy in League of Legends too. Over in Rocket League though, SRCulater got the win, although they had to beat the Seers multiple times to get there.

For Season 2 sign-ups (open now), head over here. Will you be trying your luck?

Photo: British Esports Association