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Elon Musk reveals who he mains on Overwatch

"I could have sworn he was team Zenyatta."

During a Twitter discussion about the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with deputy editor of Business Insider Dave Smith, technological mind and entrepreneur Elon Musk happened to get off topic and reveal to Smith (and the world) who he mains in Overwatch after Smith said: "You have the right to your own opinion! my only issue is that i still don't know who you main in Overwatch."

"Ok, fine. Soldier 76. My dark secret is out..." Musk responded. Of course, this prompted a series of funny responses, with user Taylor Hatmaker saying: "I could have sworn he was team Zenyatta" and another user ReDeYe commenting: "Could have been worse, you could have been a Hanzo picker."

Do you approve of Musk's choice? What would you have picked Musk as maining if you had to choose?