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League of Legends

Inori har signert for Team Liquid

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

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Team Liquid sitt League of Legends-lag har vært gjennom en del problemer i det siste, men håper nå at de kan snu trenden ved hjelp fra deres nye spiller Rami 'Inori' Charagh. Den tidligere Phoenix1-spilleren er nå inne i Team Liquid-varmen, og det på bekostning av Austin 'LiNk' Shin.

"My league ID before joining P1 was actually 'Liquid Inori' so I think it'll be cool to finally go by that tag for once. I'm excited to work with Steve and Cain — I think Cain is an amazing coach and I look forward to working with him," sier Inori overgangen.

I annonseringen av Inoris signering kunne Team Liquid også si noen ord om hvilke planer de har lagt for at fremtiden skal bli bedre enn den har sett ut til å bli:

"First, we want to create a competitive team within our current one for in-house practice and development. We have historically found success through fielding both an LCS and an academy team, and we would like to go back to our roots. Out of the last 26 major domestic league competitions since 2011, Team Liquid has placed fourth or higher 21 of them."

"The second is to provide an opportunity for up-and-coming players who have climbed to the top of the challenger ladder. We will be able to further develop their skills and talents; our potential new recruits can plug into the resources of our organizations to reach the next level. As a testament to our ability to field an LCS-caliber Academy team, TLA was one game away from moving on to the qualifying match for promotion to the 2017 LCS Spring Split."

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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