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Report: Manchester United in bidding war with Fnatic

World-famous football club apparently dead-set on signing with certain Overwatch team.

Schalke 04 has jumped into League of Legends, Valencia CF have signed on a Rocket League team, VfL Wolfsburg and West Ham United have their FIFA players. And apparently Manchester United wants to join the esports scene as well.

Allegedly, the world-famous football club is dead-set on picking up a top Overwatch team. According to a report by Esports News UK, the club is in a bidding war with Fnatic - perhaps the biggest organisation in western esports - over a particular Overwatch team.

There's no word on which Overwatch squad the two organisations are bidding on, but Daily Dot speculates that former Battlefield 4 team Reunited is likely the target.

They also point out that veteran esports commentator and host Paul "ReDeYe" Chaloner says that he's been consulting with a UK football team about moving into esports, giving further credibility to the report.